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You're not just a number to us. We treat you and each RFP, each client, and each opportunity with TLC.

Our large group differentiators

Our dedicated Large Group experts are your go-to for more business. We offer the fastest turnaround times in the market, value-added extras for your clients, and access to in-house compliance experts. You're welcome. 

Large Group Quoting Guide

Our exclusive Large Group Quoting Guide offers insight into our carrier partners and their requirements when it comes to quoting, participation, and bundling.

  • Quoting

    We submit complete information to carriers to improve rating accuracy. Our one team approach ensures you of a proposal that offers the best options for your client’s business and employees.

  • Quote Analysis

    This single-page snapshot shows you and your clients the carriers quoted and savings offered by staying or moving from your client's current plan.

  • Custom Presentations

    Each Large Group insurance quote is completely custom and includes your logo, contact information, and benchmarking on programs that could be important to your Large Group clients.

  • Top Carriers

    Our outstanding carrier relationships give us the unique ability to negotiate on your behalf, which gives you a huge leg up on the competition.

  • Enrollment Help

    We’ll set you up, supply printed materials, and help you present (including bilingual enrollers in California). Count on us for whatever you need to get your group quoted and enrolled.

  • Simple RFP Process

    Our streamlined Request For Proposal (RFP) process includes one easy-to-use employee census that works for all of the Large Group carriers you’re considering for your clients.


Value-Added Services To Boost your Large Group Sales

All-Access WBCompliance Pass

Rely on our compliance team for answers to questions on changing compliance rules and regulations affecting you and your clients.

Free HR Support

Give your clients online access to no-cost HR support from HRWow, a national leader handling thousands of HR-related inquiries monthly.


Offer your eligible clients no-cost COBRA billing, free set-up of a Premium Only Plan (POP), and complimentary ERISA services for qualifying groups

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