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Employee References and Health Insurance Compliance Considerations for 2021

Start your new year off with helpful tips and employee-facing resources to explain the continuing California individual mandate, ACA IRS reporting Forms 1095, and considerations employees should make before deciding to waive employer-sponsored coverage in 2021.

2021 Coronavirus Stimulus Package and Relief Bill

Congress recently passed a $900 billion piece of legislation to aid struggling citizens, businesses, and the economy with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Here is an overview of what the law provides for employers, especially for their health plans.

Changing Employer Benefit Contributions Midyear

Businesses sponsoring employee benefit plans may be inclined to consider employer contribution changes midyear in an effort to reduce spending. However, there are consequences of making such a change. Our column addresses the risks.

Annual New Year Benefits Compliance Responsibilities for Employers

Employers have annual, recurring compliance responsibilities in the employee benefits space – even if they do not offer health plans. Here is what you – and your clients – need to know ahead of the January 1, 2021, deadlines.

Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Carrier Update

Get the latest MLR information by carrier.

Determining ACA Affordability for the 2021 Plan Year

To ensure compliance with the ACA employer mandate, Applicable Large Employers should carefully evaluate and set costs of employees’ health insurance before offering plans.

Small Group Annual Special Open Enrollment Window: Nov. 15 – Dec. 15

The ACA guarantees small employers an annual opportunity (11/15-12/15) to enroll in medical without having to meet standard employee participation and/or contribution requirements.