Protect Your Clients At Home and Abroad

Your clients may not be covered when they travel — especially when traveling abroad. Don’t let them put their health at risk. 

  • Medical emergency

    Travel insurance can help ensure your clients have access to high-quality health care if they experience a medical emergency while traveling. They can be reimbursed for covered doctor visits or hospital treatment and avoid high out-of-pocket costs common when away from home.

  • Covered Travel Delays

    Travel insurance offers protection for trip interruption due to unexpected flight cancellations or delays, medical emergencies, severe weather affecting travel plans, and loss of luggage. Coverage is available to individuals, couples, or groups. 

  • Unexpected crisis

    Travel insurance offers your clients access to a toll-free hotline for expert help and travel assistance. If they don’t have travel insurance, your clients could face an unexpected crisis – in a country where they may not know the language or customs.


Help ensure your clients are protected, even when they are abroad.