Tech Team Updates for October 2021


It’s that time again. Here’s the latest “news you can use” concerning Ease, the online enrollment platform specifically designed for health insurance brokers focused on the 2-250 employee marketplace.
Tech Team Ease Updates
Ease connections: Ease offers connections with multiple carriers. Access the Ease Overview here for details, including set up and transmission frequency for specific connections. 
Email templates: Choose from a variety of new email templates – and customize them to make them your own. Click here to watch a short YouTube video and see these ease-to-use templates in action.
Reports: Ease offers multiple Report options. You can generate an employment and demographic-related census, pull benefits-related reports, and more. Get the details in this YouTube video.
Pay Schedules: Pay schedules can be of great benefit if you have clients with companies that:
  • Use ACA and track hours worked for variable-hour employees
  • Use the HRIS Time-off Feature
  • Offer FSA or HSA type plans
Learn more in the Ease Pay Schedules video here.
Revised Intake Form: Go here to visit our website and download the latest Ease Setup Request Form.
Ease Quick Tips
For Qualifying Life Events, follow these steps:
  • Click on the Group.
  • Go to BenefitsLock Enrollment.
  • Search for the Employee.
  • Enter the date of the qualifying event in the Unlock Date box. This will open Ease for 30 days to allow the member to make changes.
  • The employee now needs to log in and select Benefit on the left navigation bar.
  • Click Change Coverage on top right → Change Benefits.
  • Employee will now add the qualifying event.
Click here for further information on Lock Enrollment on YouTube.
Click here to watch an Ease demo on YouTube.
Live and recorded Ease trainings are available monthly – for you and your clients. HR Admin Training is offered weekly on Tuesday. Encourage your clients to sign up.
For more information about putting Ease to work for you and your groups, call or email your Word & Brown representative or the Tech Team in Account Management.

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