Employee Navigator Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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Word & Brown Support

What level of access will W&B have to EN groups?

Currently, Employee Navigator does not have a GA Partner Portal (Ease) for GAs to access broker retail accounts. We are waiting on information from Employee Navigator on GA access.
Will W&B be adding additional staff to support?
W&B is currently in discovery to build support for Employee Navigator. As we plan and budget for 2024, we plan to budget for technology and staffing needs to support transitions.
How will the W&B intake process change?
We anticipate having a similar intake form as we have for Ease. This form will be updated to reflect fields and information needed for Employee Navigator.
What will the turnaround time be for an Employee Navigator build? How does this differ from Ease?
W&B is currently in discovery to build support for Employee Navigator and evaluate timing to complete builds. We are also researching technology efficiencies to help with the build and reduce manual efforts to help reduce turnaround times and risk for errors. We do anticipate longer turnaround times within the first year of support, as we all learn the new system and work together.
How will W&B prioritize builds and the volume?
As we develop a support strategy, we will be working with our agency partners to set realistic expectations on support and turnaround times. We will be prioritizing work based on our broker tier model.
Will W&B have technology to help with builds?
W&B is currently meeting with Employee Navigator IT to build technology to help manage builds to reduce manual entry required; that includes building a GA small group benefit library and API.
Will we have the same GA Library we have in Ease to help with builds?
Currently Employee Navigator does have the option to build a library that requires manual entry for benefits. This differs from the process we have today with Ease, which allows us to leverage the data entry for WBQuote in Ease. We are working with Employee Navigator to see how we can leverage the W&B rates and benefits in Employee Navigator to create a GA rate and benefit library.
How will W&B support demos and training for brokers and clients?
Employee Navigator has a robust support center for brokers and groups. As we build out our process and learn the system, we will continue to evaluate the resources we can create and provide for our partners, including trainings and demos.

Alternative Systems

Does W&B support any other online enrollment alternatives?
W&B continues to explore and evaluate market needs. We know the Small Group California market has unique needs. We are committed to evolving and growing with our broker partners. If there is another vendor you work with or are considering, please share with our sales team so we can add to our discovery efforts.


Will W&B hold agency specific meetings for the transition?
Please reach out to your sales team to discuss. We are committed to open communication as we work with you on a transition strategy.
How often will we receive updates?
We will keep you updated on any added information from Employee Navigator and our discovery efforts. For the most current information, please reach out to the W&B Sales Team.

Disclaimer: We have developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you. Keep in mind as you review the information shared, that all responses are based on our understanding at this time. Information is subject to change, based on new announcements by Ease and Employee Navigator.

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