WOW 2024: 12 Courses, 7 Days, an Easy Way to Earn CE

Word & Brown’s annual Week of Webinars (WOW) is coming in June. It’s set for seven workdays, June 3-11, 2024, and includes 12 Continuing Education (CE) Courses. WOW is open to brokers with California resident licenses only and provides you with the opportunity to earn up to half of the 24 CE Credits needed during each two-year license term.
This year’s course roster includes a new Ethics Suite as well as useful, informative courses on ERISA, Compliance, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Single Payer, and more. Below are course highlights and links to register for each; get full details on the WOW 2024 microsite. Each course offers one CE Credit.

Monday, June 3

Compliance Compass 2024
California CE #390064

Master the evolving landscape of health insurance compliance. Gain an understanding of key areas, transparency initiatives, and legislative changes. Help clients avoid penalties and navigate new regulations with confidence.

Tuesday, June 4

Celebrating 50 Years of ERISA
California CE #390373
Focusing on ERISA’S core principles, evolving regulations, and recent changes, the course equips participants to effectively discuss ERISA with employers, help them navigate compliance requirements, and reduce audit and penalty risks.
Understanding ERISA Fiduciary Responsibility
California CE #390481
This program empowers agents to become trusted advisors for employer groups navigating ERISA compliance. Learn who qualifies as a fiduciary, their key duties, practical strategies for effective compliance, and potential legal and financial ramifications of non-compliance.

Wednesday, June 5

The Future of Health Care with NABIP
California CE #390442
This NABIP-led course equips brokers with the knowledge and tools to navigate policy changes and advocate for their clients. Examining current federal priorities, industry trends, and emerging challenges, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of your role shaping a more accessible, equitable, and client-centered health care system – and the steps NABIP is taking to ensure that happens.
The Future of AI in Health Insurance
California CE #390359
This course enables brokers and agencies to gain a thorough understanding of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and its potential to transform customer service and automate the insurance experience. Explore applications of A.I. and gain insights and practical strategies to effectively integrate it into daily operations.

Thursday, June 6

Ethics is Fundamental
California CE #196818
This course unpacks core principles of health insurance professional ethics – what they are, why they matter, and how they impact your daily interactions. Learn how ethical choices shape conversations with clients, influence decision making, and define the way you do business.
Ethics: A Valuable Tool for Agents
California CE #388856
This advanced course builds on ethics fundamentals. Participants will learn how to leverage ethical principles as a powerful tool for client communication, exceptional service, and navigating challenging scenarios.

Friday, June 7

California Legislative Update 2024 With CAHIP
California CE #390513
Through an in-depth analysis of current proposals, key players, and the legislative process, course participants will gain insights into how Sacramento decisions impact businesses, employers, and the broader health care ecosystem.

Monday, June 10

Single Payer in California
California CE #387198
This course examines the new 2024 California Single Payer bill (AB 2200) and its “CalCare” proposal, a Single Payer system that would eliminate and replace all existing health insurance/payer and health care systems within the state – including health insurance brokers.
ACA Turbocharged
California CE #383877
Master the ACA for 2024 employer compliance. Gain a timely understanding of the impact on employers and their group health plans. This course focuses on essential info for navigating employer obligations and securing valuable employee health insurance solutions.

Tuesday, June 11

Thriving Agents, Thriving Clients: Optimizing Health
California CE #390492
Master health for clients and yourself! Led by a fitness and wellness expert, this course navigates evolving health issues affecting you, your clients, and agencies. Learn strategies to discuss and live healthy lifestyles. Guide clients through wellness challenges, and have informed, empathetic health conversations.
Legislation 101 for Insurance Agents
California CE #390360
This course empowers California brokers to become informed advocates for the industry and their clients. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the legislative process, regulatory landscape, and effective strategies to shape discussions at the state and federal levels.

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