COBRA overview

Offering COBRA administration services provides your clients a pathway toward COBRA compliance, by streamlining administration processes and enhancing the employee experience. 

By outsourcing this responsibility, your clients can save time, resources, and reduce the risk of compliance issues and fines, while demonstrating a commitment to supporting former employees’ and family members’ health care needs during transition periods.

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Below are three reasons why COBRA administration is important. 

  • Compliance 

    Offering COBRA administration services to your employer clients enables them to comply with federal regulations and fulfill their legal obligations. COBRA requires most larger employers (generally, those with 20+ employees) to offer health plan beneficiaries the opportunity to continue their coverage for a certain duration of time upon experiencing a qualifying event such as an employment termination, reduction of hours, divorce, etc.

  • Streamlined process

    Outsourcing COBRA administration streamlines complex and time-consuming tasks. A dedicated COBRA administrator manages responsibilities like sending notices, collecting premiums, managing enrollment, and providing customer support. This frees up your clients’ HR teams to focus on other critical areas of their businesses.


    By providing access to seamless COBRA administration, you demonstrate your commitment to your clients’ support of former employees – and to your clients’ compliance with federal law. It reduces uncertainty during transitions and offers personalized support, answering former employees’ questions and guiding them through the enrollment and coverage continuation process.


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