COMPLIANCE services 

We are committed to making complicated issues seem simple — for you and your customers. We’ll help you navigate the uncertainty of regulations affecting you, your clients, and their employees.

The Help You Need Is All Right Here

We’re here to assist with compliance-related matters, employer reporting, and complex regulations. We make complicated issues seem simple, with valuable resources and answers to your specific questions. We’ll help you navigate the uncertainty of state and federal laws affecting you, your clients, and their employees


Our in-house Compliance team is staffed by experts who are here to simplify your life. Exclusive to our General Agency, they’re on call to answer any of your Compliance questions. 

ACA Guidance

Whether you have a client-specific, scenario-based Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Department of Labor (DOL) inquiry, you can count on us to deliver the answers, resources, and support you and your clients want.


    We can simplify your clients’ administration, ensure their program can pass the ERISA coverage test, and protect benefits with a Wrap Plan bundling health and welfare.

  • Premium Only Plan (POP)

    A POP offers savings to clients and employees, because of reduced payroll taxes and the ability to deduct insurance premiums or HSA contributions on a pre-tax basis.


    Employer compliance with COBRA is mandatory and non-compliance fees can be substantial. We offer your eligible groups free COBRA administration, helping them save money and avoid fines.

  • HR Support

    Offer your clients access to an online, centralized benefits and Human Resources (HR) management tool from Ease, or our no-cost HRWow benefits administration tool from Mammoth HR.

  • ACA IRS Reporting

    Help your clients with annual IRS reporting and related services like mandated employer letters, ERISA Wrap documents, Form 5500 preparation and filing, and more.

  • ACA Calculators

    We have calculators designed to help you determine whether your clients are subject to ACA “play or pay” mandates, forecast potential penalties, and more.

Compliance content from our newsroom

  • California Employers Without Retirement Plans Must Enroll in State Program by 6/30/2022

    March 9, 2022 | By Paul Roberts


    California employers with 5+ employees that do not already sponsor a retirement plan must begin participating in a state-run retirement program called CalSavers by June 30. Here’s what employers need to know.

  • Federal “No Surprises Act” Health Plan Changes – 2022 Update

    April 12, 2022 | By Paul Roberts

    California & Nevada

    The federal “No Surprises Act” has brought many changes to health plans – many of which are in effect now, or are quickly approaching. Learn what these changes mean for your clients’ plans and your clients.

  • Fixing the ACA’s Family Glitch

    May 16, 2022 | By Paul Roberts

    California & Nevada

    There’s renewed attention on fixing the “family glitch” for employees seeking affordable coverage for a spouse and/or dependents through a state exchange. Find out about the controversial White House “fix” being advocated.

  • Federal Transparency in Coverage (TiC) Requirements: Public Rate Disclosures, Online Self-Service Tool

    June 17, 2022 | By Paul Roberts

    California & Nevada

    Regulators will soon begin enforcing stringent “Transparency in Coverage” (TiC) rules for health plans, beginning on July 1, 2022. Learn what these changes mean for employers and their health plans, and how TiC interacts with other similar changes within the federal No Surprises Act.


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