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CaliforniaChoice Update: Big Bonus Opportunities

Great news! You can start the new year with some extra cash, thanks to bonuses offered by three CaliforniaChoice partners.

Determining ACA Affordability for the 2021 Plan Year

To ensure compliance with the ACA employer mandate, Applicable Large Employers should carefully evaluate and set costs of employees’ health insurance before offering plans.

Technology Tips To Stay Connected With Clients

Technology post regarding staying connected with clients -- in Q4 and all year long

HealthiestYou Adds Nutrition to Benefits Bundles

Industry News: Healthiest You update on benefits -- Nutrition added as new option in Core and Complete bundles

Blue Shield of California Bring Your Business Back Bonus

Earn a bonus from Blue Shield of California.

New Sales Bonus from UnitedHealthcare

For new fully insured medical cases with up to 100 eligible employees

Kaiser Permanente December and January Bonus

Kick-start the season with a small group broker bonus