AI and SEO – What You Need to Know

AI and SEO – What You Need to Know
“The machines are coming for our jobs!” You have probably heard this refrain a lot more than usual lately. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology tools and their impending takeover of human job roles is being mentioned with more realism thanks to tools like ChatGPT and Bard going live. 
While the commonly held belief is that most white-collar jobs are still safe, has the emergence in sophistication of AI technology changed that thinking of late? One area where AI technology is making a consistent leap forward is with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. In this article we unpack how AI has impacted SEO, and what steps insurance brokers and agencies can take to leverage this emerging phenomenon.
As a quick refresh, let’s discuss a basic premise.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to be most impactful and relevant for your site visitors. This is done by creating keyword-based content that satisfies common questions from users inclined to visit your website. In addition to keyword relevance and targeting components, SEO also includes optimizing the source code of your website to make sure that search engines can index and easily read your content.
One last key component of SEO is to ensure your site’s code is optimized to be fast, efficient, and mobile friendly. The over-arching goal of SEO is to provide a great user experience for your site visitors. Search engines like Google and Bing will then rank your site for relevant keyword searches – and you are then rewarded free/organic traffic as a result.


For tips on how to find the best target keywords for your site, check out our post on content marketing and keyword research.

How Can AI Impact SEO?

There are three essential ways that AI is currently impacting SEO strategy that insurance brokers can leverage.
  1. Site Optimization Automation:  More SEO tasks will be automated this year and beyond as site owners continue to use the power of artificial intelligence powered SEO software tools. While a human eye is still useful to monitor the software, AI-based tools can make impactful recommendations for key on-page SEO updates and site optimizations that can improve overall SEO health. Some AI-driven automation tools to consider include:
These AI-based software programs aim to make on page SEO optimization easier than ever with automated recommendations and insights.
  1. Keyword Research Tools: AI-based keyword research tools can be used to find new trending keywords and analyze competitor keywords that your site may currently not be taking advantage of. As with the site optimization automation tools, it is still imperative that human users monitor AI-driven keyword recommendations to make sure the suggested keyword targets align with your business model goals and SEO objectives. Some tools with AI-driven keyword recommendation engines are:
  1. SEO AI Content Writing: The last AI-based SEO feature insurance brokers and agencies should consider leveraging is AI content writing tools. Writing about the health insurance space is a nuanced skillset that requires much expertise. While AI-based content tools have been improving rapidly, there still needs to be some human oversight to ensure accuracy. AI content-authoring tools are best used to help supplement your content production efforts.
We recommend you have a copywriter or subject matter expert on hand to review any AI- produced content as clarity on compliance and other health insurance rules and regulations can still be haphazard with AI-based tools. Here are three AI-based content-authoring tools that can be used for SEO that are worth checking out:

When Will AI for SEO Be Completely Automated?

While AI for SEO has come a long way in the past several years, there are still many strides that need to be made before strategic management can take place without the presence of human review. Digital marketers and SEO professionals can take solace (for now) that their jobs are still safe.
If you want to optimize your agency website or increase your SEO strategy, be sure you work with professionals who are up to date on the latest tech.
About the Author: Kalup Alexander is Digital Marketing Director for The Word & Brown Companies. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in New Media Communications and Marketing from Oregon State University. He has been at The Word & Brown Companies since 2014.


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