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Delta Dental Announces 2024 Small Business Broker Rewards Program

Your enrollment in the Delta Dental Small Business Broker Rewards Program can help you earn additional compensation on your new sales and retention of eligible groups of 2-99 lives.

New Microsite for Ameritas Forms

Ameritas has developed a new microsite for Word & Brown producers to access the most up-to-date California Small Group (2-50) Ameritas forms.

Few Americans Know Much About Health Care Costs

This article highlights 2023 survey findings about the U.S. healthcare system, revealing confusion about costs, calls for transparency, and the burden of healthcare debt.

7 Proven Strategies to Dominate Local SEO

In this article, we will look at what local SEO is and provide some tips that insurance agencies and brokers can leverage to dominate the local search market.

5 Undefeated Strategies for Effective Lead Nurturing

An effective lead nurturing strategy can foster strong relationships with potential customers, guiding them through your insurance sales funnel. In this article, we share highlight five effective lead nurturing strategies.

CAA Pharmacy RxDC Compliance Requirements due by 6/1

The Federal CAA of 2021 requires employer plans and issuers to annually submit reports outlining health premiums, employee/employer contributions, and pharmacy spending/utilization. Familiarize yourself with the essential reporting requirements and reporting methods before the upcoming 6/1 deadline.

Aetna Offering California Broker Bonus in 2024

Aetna is giving California Small Group brokers the opportunity to earn more on Small Group sales in 2024.