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California Achieves Near-Universal Coverage, but Budget Deficits and Single-Payer Proposals Remain

In 2024, California achieved near-universal health coverage through Medi-Cal expansion. Despite this achievement and an ongoing budget deficit, a new Single Payer bill was introduced in February. Read for insights on the universal coverage milestone, budget challenges, and looming proposals.

CaliforniaChoice Member Marketplace Commissions

Q4 is the perfect time to remind your groups about the selection of supplemental products from MetLife available only through the CaliforniaChoice Member Marketplace.

AI Tools for Insurance Agents – Part II

Looking for AI tools to help you throughout the day? Here's another list of tools for insurance agents.

UnitedHealthcare Announces New Sales Bonus

A new $60 bonus per enrolled employee is available from UnitedHealthcare for the sale of new fully insured and level-funded Medical plans.

Compliance with the CAA’s Gag Clause Prohibition

The Gag Clause Compliance Attestation Form that is part the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) is due on 12/31/2023 (and annually thereafter). Find out what’s required of health plans, administrators, self-funded groups, and others to ensure compliance.

It’s Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Rebate Check Time Again

The Affordable Care Act mandates that Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) rebate checks be distributed annually to employers, if their fully insured medical carriers did not meet their mandated MLR targets. Find out what to expect this year.