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California's New Health Insurance Bills in 2024

In year two of the 2023-2024 legislative session, legislators face a full agenda, including Single Payer (again), Medical Loss Ratio on Dental, Covered California expansion, Cost Sharing, Provider Directories, and more. Check out a summary from W&B’s Paul Roberts.

Blue Shield of California Delivers More Options for Large Groups

Blue Shield offers limited HMO, full HMO, narrow and full PPO, EPO, and HSA networks. You can even offer two HMO plans with one PPO and one HSA – all through a single program.

ERISA Turns 50 - Reflections and Reform Recommendations from NABIP

As ERISA marks its 50th anniversary, federal lawmakers are considering significant changes to align the law with today’s health benefits landscape. Paul Roberts summarizes NABIP’s advocacy for responsible ERISA reform and its responses to legislators' requests for commentary on the law.

Nevada Carrier Partner Updates

Here’s an overview of recent updates from our carrier partners. For details on any specific update, click on the related link.

WOW 2024: 12 Courses, 7 Days, an Easy Way to Earn CE

Word & Brown's WOW: June 3-11, 2024. 12 CE Courses in 7 days, exclusively for CA brokers. Earn up to 12 of 24 required CE Credits for license renewal.